Thursday, 29 September 2016

Christmas is coming and Colgers needs new shoes

Yes I know. It's not even October yet. But my local supermarket already has Christmas chocolates in stock (who keeps choc in the house for three months without eating it??) and I've heard stories of places already putting trees and Christmas cards on sale. Give it a couple more years and they'll start draping the tinsel over the Easter eggs I reckon.

However, I am mentioning it now in case you fancy buying one of my really quite odd colouring books as a pressie for someone really quite odd that you know/love/like/want to punish.

Colgeroons has 21 unique A4-sized pictures to colour in. It's somewhat of a departure from other, more traditional colouring books. For a start, there are no secret gardens or mandala covered elephants. And there are no cute and fluffy mammals or pretty birdies. There are, however, alien Mona Lisas, headless scientists, interplanetary wedding photos and rude gnomes. But not too rude (it's suitable for kids).

You can order direct from me for just £12 (that includes P&P).

Or, to make it extra special, for just £25 (price includes P&P) I'll sign your copy, dedicate it to whoever the book is for and draw a unique doodle of your choice inside! So if you want to give someone a book containing a drawing of a T Rex riding a unicycle juggling four kippers - this is the gift for you!

Unique artwork and a colouring book for the price of a takeaway? And for just over a quid a page? You'd be mad not to.

Just email me at and tell me what you want doodled and who the book is for. Then use that same email address to deposit the money in my Paypal account and the book will be on its way. You can also pay by money transfer or cheque - email for details.

Go on. Treat yourself.

Or don't.


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